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Interior styling

Sometimes just a few small changes can make massive difference. Speak to The Nook Interiors in Frampton Cotterell about our interior styling service.

Make the most of your space

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Do you love the idea of introducing some vintage style into your home but are not sure where to start? Or do you just need some fresh, experienced eyes to help you fall back in love with your space?


If so, why not book a free 30-minute chat with Lou at the
shop to discuss your requirements.

Book a consultation

If after that you think we can help, we offer a 90-minute
consultation in your home at a time convenient to you. During our session we will advise you on any areas of interior styling you require! For example...


  • Storage solutions - and how to reduce clutter!!

  • Furniture - making the best of what you have and advice if you wish to change it

  • Structural features – how to work with existing structural
    features (and how to disguise those you don’t like!)

  • Layout - ideas for improving how your space flows, without
    expensive structural changes

  • Colour - how to choose what really works for you in a
    particular space

  • Lighting – how much, what sort and where to source it

  • Plus advice on finishes, textures, soft furnishings, flooring and window treatments

room view

How much does it cost?

lamp shade on window sill

A 90-minute visit costs £95 and during that time you will be given a huge amount of information, advice and ideas - making it excellent value for money. You are encouraged to ask as many questions as you like and take lots of notes so you can gain everything you need from that session.

My rate for any further services beyond the initial 90-minute
consultation is £45/hour.

Transform your home with our
interior styling service

Call The Nook Interiors in Frampton Cotterell, Bristol on

07816 107971

Sourcing vintage

If you know what you like but you can’t find it, Lou may be able to help! She’s always on the lookout for interesting pieces for the shop (and herself!) so just get in touch with the specifics of the items you’re looking for and we’ll keep your details to hand when out hunting!

The service itself is free – you will just be charged for any
item/s you purchase. Obviously we can’t guarantee that we’ll find what you’re looking for – but it costs nothing to be on the list!

Contact us here

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