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Lovely Lamps . . . 


Small lamp bases (pictured above) were repurposed from an antique oak dining table whose top was beyond repair. They have been given a lime-wash to finish.

£45 each (shades not included in price)

Paul Batchelder, the maker behind the beautiful oak lamp bases at The Nook, is none other than my own talented Dad! The urge to re-purpose and recycle runs strong in the family veins and Dad's lovely workshop is full of salvaged wood - each piece with it's own tale to tell and the potential to become something fabulous! Knots and burrs are embraced as part of the natural beauty of the wood and imperfections are celebrated for the unique character they bring. Every item is individually turned by hand and is truly a one off. 

When all the wood-working is done, the lamps are 

wired using high quality fabric flexes in a variety of 

lovely colours and finished with brass fittings. 


Tall lamp bases hand turned from solid English oak salvaged from a verandah-building project (pictured right and left)

£85 each (shades not included)  SOLD

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