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There is no Planet B...

Now more than ever we need to consider the impact of our behaviour on the planet and be mindful of the purchases we make. At The Nook every effort has been made to ensure that all our products can be enjoyed for their beauty, usefulness and  their low carbon footprint!

The lovely items below are specifically aimed at making it easier to live a more sustainable lifestyle...




                      B E E S W A X   F O O D   W R A P S  

The brilliant, eco-friendly alternative to clingfilm & tin foil for keeping food fresh...

THE NOOK wraps are handmade by Lou using 100% pure cotton, wax (from Frampton bees), jojoba oil and pine resin, beeswax wraps cling to food and containers simply by using the warmth of your hands to activate their natural stickiness. They are:

  • naturally anti-bacterial - beeswax & jojoba both contain natural anti-bac properties

  • food safe - made using 100% natural ingredients, keeping food fresh, clean and chemical-free

  • reusable - beeswax wraps last for 8 - 12 months - simply wipe or wash in cool water and mild detergent in between uses. If your wrap begins to lose its stickiness, reactivate by popping in a warm oven for 4 - 5 minutes or top up with a refresher bar - available from The Nook with full instructions!

  • bio-degradable - when your beeswax wrap has come to the end of its life just pop it in your compost bin or food recycling caddy!

  • bee-autiful - only the loveliest cotton fabrics are chosen for turning into beeswax wraps - making fridge interiors stylish too!


Not suitable for raw meat or fish

Do not use in the oven or microwave

Allow food to cool before covering

Beeswax is flammable - keep away from naked flames


PACK OF 3 READY - TO - USE WRAPS. . . . £15  


The ideal set for wrapping a variety of food items and helping you work out which sizes you use the most! All you have to do is decide which of the beautiful colour combinations below you are going to choose from . . . 

pinks & greens    blues & pinks    greens & blues    (greys and natural tones will be blended in                                                                           as appropriate!) 


To avoid disappointment I cannot guarantee orders of specific patterns as the availability of some fabrics changes over time, but I can guarantee that they will be carefully handpicked to create the most beautiful combinations to compliment your kitchen!           

A pack includes one of each of the following sized wraps:

35 x 35 cm 

30 x 30 cm

25 x 25 cm

BEESWAX WRAP KIT . . . . £18

The perfect starter pack with everything needed to create your own set of 3 Beeswax Wraps.

Comes in a handy letterbox-size cardboard box making it ideal for posting as a gift!

Each kit includes:

3 pieces of pure cotton fabric in attractive, complementary

colours and patterns sized, 35x35, 30x30 and 25x25cm

5 ready-blended bars of beeswax, pine resin & jojoba oil

1 application brush (made from wood and natural bristles)

A sheet of baking paper

A full set of instructions telling you everything you'll need to

know to make these and future beeswax wraps of your own!


BEESWAX TOP-UP BARS . . . . £3 each

(or 5 for £12)

These ready-blended bars made from local beeswax, pine resin & jojoba oil are perfect for rejuvenating your existing beeswax wraps... or creating new ones!


If your wraps have lost a bit of their original stickiness over time, one bar will rejuvenate 2 - 3 medium sized wraps. 

Five beeswax bars is enough to create three brand new wraps!

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