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Indian Block Printing

Perfect Imperfection!

Block printing is a refreshing antidote to a world obsessed with perfection! It embraces any imperfections as a sign that an item has been made by hand rather than a machine - celebrating instead of rejecting the imperfect. The growing desire for the handprinted 'look' is such that some print designers have even begun to deliberately incorporate 'mistakes' into their mass-produced designs in an attempt to give them the appearance of authenticity and character! Indian block printing - so called because the prints are created using traditional wooden printing blocks hand carved in India - is a delightfully simple but effective craft. Anyone can achieve beautiful results from doing it. And once you find your rhythm the block printing process is a wonderfully methodical and mindful activity that allows you to totally lose yourself in the joy of creating.

Exploring Block Print - 6 week course


Thursdays 10.30am - 12.30pm

Beginning: Thursday 7th September

This 6-week course allows you to completely immerse yourself in the beautiful art of Indian Block Printing. Learn a bit about its traditions and rich history and be inspired by how modern designers are using it in their interiors today. With access to my large collection of printing blocks you will experiment with different paints and discover the wonderful things you can create by using up your old tester pots and materials you have at home!  Explore printing on different papers and fabrics, play with colours and then embark on some projects of your own to create beautiful items for yourself and your home. This is a lovely opportunity to connect with other people and reignite your creativity in a friendly, inspiring and relaxed setting. Oh, and did I mention cake? No creative gathering is complete without some homemade cake and a cuppa!! (All included in the price)

Week 1 - Get inspired!

Learn a bit about the background of block printing and look at glorious examples that are sure to get your

creative juices flowing! Consider what inspires you, which images and colours you are drawn to and

create a mini moodboard of pictures and colours that you want to work with. Learn the skills and techniques

for getting the best results from your printing, then experiment with printing on various types of paper & card

using different paints.

Week 2 - Design your own Stationery

Put those tester pots to good use to design and create a beautiful set of handprinted stationery to use

throughout the year – cards & envelopes, postcards, gift bags & tags. 

Week 3 - Experiment with Fabric Printing

Learn how to get the best results from printing on fabric. Explore printing on natural and coloured fabrics in

a variety of finishes using different paint types and hues. Come up with a design for the following week’s

fabric project.

Week 4 - Print a Tote Bag

Use what you've learnt to create a gorgeous, hand-printed tote bag that you can use every day to show off

your new skills and do your bit towards a plastic-free planet! Win, win! Plan and prepare your own

personal print project/s for the next couple of weeks.

Week 5 - Personal Print Project

Work on a print project of your choice. Design a tea towel or some bunting, pay a little bit extra for a linen

cushion cover or an apron – or bring in materials for a project from a small pair of curtains or

roman blind (Tash, our resident seamstress, can make them up for you at a very reasonable price if required,

just ask if you’d like a quote); or maybe some lining paper to create your own statement wallpaper for a

small wall, or perhaps an item of clothing. The choice is yours - no need to decide yet!

Week 6 - Complete your Project

Continue with and complete your personal print project. If you finish early there are always additional blank

items you can choose from!


Introduction to Block Print - 2 hour Workshops

If you can't find the time to commit to a course, you can still enjoy exploring block printing in a standalone 2-hour workshop! These usually run on evenings or weekends 

In these relaxing sessions you get to choose from over a 100 hand-carved Indian printing blocks that I have gathered over the past few years. You will learn all the essential skills and tips necessary to successfully block print onto paper & fabric using this beautiful, traditional technique. We begin all the workshops with a demonstration before you get to practice on test paper and fabric. When you are happy with your final designs you will create a beautiful, finished piece to take home - whether that's a stunning set of hand printed stationery (cards, envelopes, bags, tags & a notebook), a gorgeous cushion to adorn a sofa or outdoor chair or some beautiful fabric bunting to hang in your home or garden. All materials are provided, and extra ones are available to purchase on the day should you wish to. Cost includes refreshments. £40 pp

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