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Make a Lampshade & Base

6 week course
Begins: Friday 20th October 2023

This fabulous 6 week course encompasses the combined skills of Up-cycling with Paint, Indian Block Printing and Lampshade Making!

Experiment with colour and paint finishes before hand painting a wooden picture frame.

Learn how to create beautiful patterns using wooden block prints and make a piece of block-printed art to display in your frame.  

Use your new skills to paint a hand turned wooden lamp base in a colour of your choice. 

Finally, block print your chosen design onto some linen cotton fabric and make your own gorgeous, bespoke lampshade to match your base. 

WEEK 1 – Choosing Colours & Exploring Paint Finishes


Discover what colours you like and create a colour scheme you want to work with for your upcoming projects.

Experiment on a wood board with different paint finishes – from chalk paint to emulsion & lacquer - and decide what you like.



WEEK 2 – Painting Picture Frames


Before painting your lamp bases, you will use your chosen colours & finishes to paint wooden picture frames. (These will be provided unless you have ones from home you wish to upcycle!) A variety of paints will be available or feel free to bring in your own.


WEEK 3 – Paint your lamp base


Paint your lamp base using your chosen colour and finish.  

Choose the colour of fabric flex you’d like so your base can be wired for the final session.


WEEK 4 – Explore Block Printing


Experiment with your own designs on paper using Lou’s beautiful collection of Indian printing blocks. Play with paint mixing to create your own bespoke colours. Create pictures to go in your frames and decide on a final design for your lampshade.


WEEK 5 – Printing your lampshade fabric


Print your chosen design onto natural linen/cotton fabric (provided)



WEEK 6 – Making a lampshade 


Learn how to make a drum lampshade using your bespoke handprinted fabric.  Put it on your painted base to create your own beautiful finished bespoke lamp!



This sets out what the main themes and intentions will be each week. There may be finishing off to do from the previous week and some interim activities while we wait for paint to dry!

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